Friday, January 20, 2012

How and what is a BLOG or is it blog? I do not have a clue but i am determined to learn.

I recenlty (yesterday) finished working on my photography logo. I've taken photos every since I can remember. I loved my 35mm camera and I can remember my first digital camera and it held floppy discs...a have times changed. I now work with a Canon (actually this is the 3rd....first was xsi, second was xti and now t2i) Instead of taking about 8 MB of photos, i'm taking raw photos on a card that hold 32GB....

Now about my photo above....since i've taken over 3TB of photos and stuck little logo looking things on them...I decided it was time to make one that I actually could live with it. After three days of working with layers and masks,...I finally got something I liked that would work on either a dark or light background.  This is my LOGO.....and I hope to put it on my photos to come....God Bless