Thursday, July 11, 2013

When The Cows Come Home

When The Cows Come Home. Although

I love photographing people, but sometimes I just love taking photos of natural things: nature, cows, sunsets, etc.

Photographing people no matter what age can be challenging. I feel that I'm more of the naturalist kind of photographer. I love people...all kinds of people and I don't care about their status quo, their beauty, their age, their color.... I just love people.

With that being said, people are the hardest to photograph. Do you photograph and edit the tar out of them? Make them look like something they might of looked like 25 years ago? Do you give them alien eyes that have NO resemblance to their own person?  I can do that, but why?

I guess I'm feeling like I am old school. I don't want to shoot a woman who has lots of wrinkles and do a total make over of them. I love the wrinkles because they show character and integrity. It is who God made them. Every mark or wrinkle signifies something about their life.

I have this fear with all the Photoshop or Corel tricks out there and being able to make something look like it is not, what happens in 20 years when these folks look back at their photographs they really do not look like. Nothing will be what it appears. There will be no real historic photographs. Kind of scary when you think about it.