Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 37~~ Plane in Flight

Day 37~~Plane in flight. This is a very unusual photo because it is really unique and what is fun about this photoshop or anything, but kewl squares. I was at a softball game and taking photos of my oldest grand-daughter when I saw a small plane take off from a near by airport. I had my Canon 100-400 lens on and I just started shooting through the backdrop at the softball field. Later when I looked at the photos, I was excited about how the backdrop created the squares from the beautiful blue sky. This is probably a shot I could try to re-create many times and not get this particular shot ever again.

Enjoy and God Bless!

Day 36~~Moon over Texas

Day 36~~Moon over Texas. I've always had a facination with the moon, stars and sky. You can just see forever and i'm somewhat intrigued with the unknown. I'm fortunate enough to have a lens that captures the moon beautifully. When I see it up close like this and when I zoom in on it, I always think of those punching balls that kids play with. Because when you blow them up, there are little lines in it. 

I hope you are enjoying my photography! God Bless you!

Day35~Cozumel Native

Day 36~~Cozumel Native. I had some photos that I i've never printed or looked at and thought it would be fun to see what was there. When we went on one of the cruises, we saw a lot of kewl things you don't normally see in Texas. This big fellow was on the beach, in fact they were every where. He was curious, but not as much as I was...but this was as close as I got to him or maybe it was a her. Who knows.