Monday, September 25, 2017

Truth....My name is Lula Mae Green and My story is true... as God is my witness...every last word of it. It's not copied or writing by anyone else. Just reading about those poor oppressed millionaires kneeling in protest of their horrible lives. Millionaires and oppressed seem a tad bit dramatic. Generations of my family picked a lot of cotton most of my life as a little kid and teenager. When there was no cotton we worked as migrant workers for less than the cotton fields. Be at work when it was dark and work until it was dark before we came home. We picked all day until sores on my hands would bleed and pray not to step on a rattle snake. And guess what kids bullied me for being poor. I even lived in Hempstead where all the black kids made fun of a white who had to pick pecans and had to miss school a lot. We were stopped so many times to count for having a beat up ole ride that barely run by police officers in the day. Stop us because a blinker might be busted or we looked like vagrants. Hungary and Cried myself to asleep more times you can't imagine because I didn't have a dress to wear to school dance not that it mattered. No one ask because apparently being poor also meant I was ugly and stupid and lower class....all which were assumptions But never the less it was my life. But I'm not black and I'm no color. I'm just a human being treated like an animal. and I'm sure no millionaire but have problems working cotton for 70cents a 100 pound bag for a days work. cotton and law.... I had to be oppressed somehow. Oh but the grow ups were really nice. Let us stay in their old one room house with no heat or cooling and outhouse was outside. We slept on the floor and were bitten by ants,scorpions,spiders and blister bugs. The ladies would say it's a shame about those poor little kids as the drove off in new cars leaving us and not caring we were starving to death. They never seemed to come back with anything. Oh yea I hated schools because kids bullied me in school because my clothes were old and usually made by my momma. Or I didn't own a pair of shoes. Never invited to a party or got to do anything fun..could play sports because couldn't afford shoes. During these times of my life I didn't really believe there was a God. Because how could God be this wonderful person who gave so many people such nice stuff, pretty hair, a real bed with fancy covers and lots of food and a fairy tale home and all kids of toys and here I was living down in their pasture in a structure with no water, no windows, no beds, not even a paper or pencil to do homework. And going to bed s hungry that it would growl until I would fall asleep or sometimes just cry myself asleep worrying if you had to go to kids to snob me. So God must not of loved me. So, I must have been oppressed, poor and white. Wait how can that be? People assume if you were white then life was a bed of roses. Because everyone knows only black people were oppressed and mistreated. And only white people get scholarship because different people can't even apply. No sure about Ebony and Lulac scholarships....think they actually require you are of color. But later in life God did help me figure something out. If I worked really hard and go to school that might be able to pull myself out of that sink hole. With the grace of God I did get and education( first in my family). No free scholarships or help. Paid it all back.
Knowing my story might help you understand why seeing people disrespect our country irritates me to no end. I would of gotten help from school if I had been a color ....any color. I'm not angry, I don't think anyone owes me anything....I do think that it makes me sick for so many multimillionaires kneeling. Pretty pathetic. I thank God for not giving up on me. PraiseGod. My advice to the whiners.....such it up and put your big panties and deal with it. And if you want to get rid of all that money paid to you in the good ole USA... ok know thousands of children in third word countries who are really having it bad. And if you are offended by any of this... that's ok too.