Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 34~~Old Building

Day 34~~I thought would be fun to take a shot at Ft. Woods here in Colorado City. For those who do not know, Colorado City, Texas was originally named Colorado (because the Colorado River runs through the town). At one time it was the biggest town in West Texas because and was known as the hub of West Texas because there are four main roads that disect the little town. Ranchers brought their livestock from all over to put them on the train  here at the old Colorado Stock Yards. But besides it being known for the river, railroad and cattle, Colorado also had around 30 saloons in town.

This by no means is one of the saloons, but years ago, a business in Colorado City, built a little compex and called it Ft. Woods. The buildings are still there and I was able to get a shot of it and thought it would be fun to put the saloon name on it.  Anyhow...enjoy and God Bless!

Day 33~~Grandpa and Jeremiah

Day 33~~I thought I would just do a quick snap shot of grandpa and youngest grandson Jeremiah!

Have a blessed day!