Sunday, November 8, 2015

Railroad tracks are a NO NO for all photographers

What to do when you see someone with children or anyone lying on a railroad track? How can you tell them that is illegal and illegal for a very good reason without them getting defensive or them assuming you are jealous of their "cool idea". First off, it's not cool, it's very dangerous and people actually DIE. The great thing of being a trained professional and attending workshops and schools, you are given very valuable information. Information such as no exceptions! One presentation I heard was a comparison of a car hitting a coke can and the same results of a train hitting a car. That is a lot of power! Some rail lines actually have literature that explains the dangers of being on a live track where trains are frequently traveling in both directions. Remember the railroad tracks where part of the WOW look years ago and since have become illegal and  very dangerous. Protect your clients! There are not enough apologies in the world that would justify someone dying while you get that WOW shot!!! Look for other sites, something original and use your skills to rock that shot!railway photography safety