Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hello December

Boy does time fly when you are having fun!

I never realized that I have not posted on my blog since September and here it is December.

Usually I post something that is on my mind or something about photography. Both of which are on my mind!

Photography is an every changing field, because with anything in the day and time... it is related to computers in one way or another. Photography is no different. It is always a ever changing, ever growing love to learn more. Although techniques from a long time ago are pretty much set in stone. The dos and don'ts of photography. Although the basics of good photography never changes, the styles and fads are ever changing. You either get on the band wagon or get left behind.

I've dedicated the last couple of months getting "re-aquainted with some of the basics of photography. Boy what  a learning curve. Take that and add some Lightroom and you are in for a new revelation and direction. I am still guided by what I believe God wants me to do.